Submissive Women are the True Dominants

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I find it interesting but I find that it misses the mark in the same way as the idea that Dominant Men are the True Dominants.

I would beg to ask what a true Dominant is. Is this a mystical person who hadn't a submissive bone in his body? Is a true submissive a person who is so submissive she is unable to make a decision on her own without the input of someone else telling him what to decide?

I Cannot Stand Being Loved, Just Used

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Note written by requiempoet on FetLife on 11/14/2009

I don't like all of this hub bub with love. I don't really 'love' anyone. Although I say it a lot, because it's the normal natural human reaction. Someone says ' I love you, you say it back.' If you don't say it you're rude and you probably will go to the crazy house.

Is There a Place For Love in D/s?

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Over the last couple of weeks in talking with several people this subject has come up, one I feel is very important in the community, one I feel is very misunderstood and misrepresented.

First of all, in my opinion, love is very necessary in a D/s relationship. It’s necessary in any relationship from strangers passing on the street to living with one's life partner. Of course there is a great deal of difference in these types of love. But I will be concentrating on the love that a Dominant and a submissive need and should have.

Pain Scales & Safe Words

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The number scale is:

1 being wow, really? Hmm... I thought it was a feather duster.

5 being yeah I can really feel that and it's delicious.

7 being ooohhh I don't know that's really kind of painful

9 being I'm about to break

10 being END SCENE NOW!!!! Or if you go by color scale this would be RED.


For reference the color scale on a basic level:

Red: STOP, Stop now, I'm not playing.

Orange: OMG That hurts seriously this is a danger zone I can take it but it's way more than where I'd like to be.

To Question Or Not To Question, That IS The Question

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A little while ago I was talking to a friend who is a submissive and she asked me a question. It was, "is asking a Dom a question an attack on his Dominance?"

She was asking in the context that she, personally, can submit easier if she knows the reason why she is being made to do something. I told her that the way I see things a submissive should be free to ask a Dominant anything as long as it was a valid question. That asking questions are not an attack on a Dom’s Dominance, but in actuality is a sigh of the opposite. It is an opportunity to exert one’s Dominance even more.