About Me

Welcome to my Web Site!

I am Master Voyer and I live in the Western Suburbs of the Chicago Area...

I have been a real life Dominant for well over 18 years, with interests going back more than 40+ years. My interests really go back farther than that, to when I was 3-4 years old. No, this is not kiddy porn, but an interest that goes back to watching TV shows that had D/s undertones that were innocent enough at the time, but looking back truly show me how far back my interests go.

There I was watching Penny get abducted and tied up on "Sky King" and playing with "boy" dolls, tying them up and having them tortured, etc. My earliest recollection had to do with one of my mom's "Soaps" where the heroine got herself into a predicament and was tied up in a car, locked in the garage with the engine running. I was hypnotized by that, watching for when the camera cut to her, watching the look of terror in her eyes as she struggled, trying to get loose but not able to. I don't remember if she ever got free or not, just that I was SO INTERESTED in her situation.

When I was a teenager when I discovered there was a name for what I am. During that time I used to hang around at the drug store, looking at the Detective Magazine covers which always had some poor woman in terror at a rapist or some bad guy who is threatening her with a knife, or has her tied up. I would loiter by the magazine rack all the time.

It was my teenage years when I also started sneaking into adult bookstores and looking at the more explicit magazines there. I enjoyed looking at the F**K books, always enjoying the female form, and the other literature that was there. I found myself drawn to the Bondage section, looking through the magazines and reading through the books. The items I bought the most were the Bondage related newspapers with the titles of S&M Express, Fetish Times and B&D Pleasures which could be purchased for $1.50 back then (and well within the budget of a 16 y/o).

As I got older the book store was the place to get information on D/s. I did a lot of reading, looking at pictures, movies (the 8 mm variety in peep shows, and 35 mm in theaters) and found myself thinking about it a lot and wishing I could find a "submissive" to enjoy like in the books and movies but being shy like I was, it was very difficult.

Being shy made it difficult to find a vanilla girl, so finding a kinky girl was even more difficult. When I got past the age of consent I started replying to ads in the different newspapers, but never had much luck. A lot of them were looking for guys to buy used panties, or for "financial" situations, none really belonging to sincere females looking for submission. It was at this time when I would start trying to deny what I am.

It was during this time I accumulated a collection of BDSM related stuff like 8 mm movies, magazines and paperback books. Being the sensitive type I found the books to be a wealth of information, using my imagination and introspection to "weed" through the material, to separate fact from fiction and discover what was to become my way of Domination.

I also developed a fondness for more extreme kinds of situations reading a great many books of torture that came illustrated by De Mulatto and others, about extreme pain, degradation and torture which attracted me not because of the hideous acts that were being inflicted on the females but because of the intensity that was being inflicted, to control their feelings and mental outlook.

It was also during this time I read the "Story of O" and a book that I found very enlightening, "Le Image", which I have read many times and also, at one time, owned the movie that was based on it, "Punishment of Anne". I became a major fan of House of Milan, buying many of their publications, Hogtied, Bondage Review, Knotty, and many others. I also bought a great many of their 8 mm shorts. At that time they were the Premier Bondage Source with their personals magazine, "Latent Image" being a regular purchase and where I attempted to find a submissive female. But alas, there were not many local ads and I never considered looking for someone far away. (Maybe if I had things might be different).

With the 80s came home videos and after I bought my first VCR the first tape I bought was a Marilyn Chambers she made in her BDSM days movie (though don't remember what it was called). It is still a favorite of mine even though I long ago threw it away in one of my attempts to give up the lifestyle as well as 100 other videos I had amassed.

In the early 80s I got married to a vanilla girl (having given up on finding a submissive woman), had children and tried to give up BDSM several times but always my mind came back to it.

In the late 80s I became acquainted with computers and dialing into BBSs. A BBS is a Bulletin Board Service where you dial into someone else's computer to share files and programs. Later on they became more sophisticated offering message boards, then email. As time went on they started adding phone lines which enabled real-time chat between people who are logged in at the same time.

It was then that I found people who shared my interest and I became hooked. For the first time in my life I found others that shared in my kink and I no longer felt alone in the world.

It was then when I start exiting my shell, finding a "safe" place to express myself, trying out Domination in the chat rooms, both in public chat and private chat. I get invited to Parties and other gatherings where others on the board got together to put faces with the screen names.

It's not long before I find women willing to let me have a "try" at dominating them, not in person but over the phone. I take to this like a fish to water, learning, experimenting, discovering what D/s is, how a submissive thinks, and learning how to get into a sub's mind, things that I have found invaluable.

It is the last 20 years that I have had the self-confidence and the opportunity to take the last step and practice what I have always wanted.

Today I continue to work to improve myself on all levels. If you have questions feel free to go to the Contact Page and email me.

Master Voyer