My Interests

Here is a list of my hobbies and interests...

  • Photography
    • When I was younger I used to do my own B&W film processing.  Now I have a digital camera that I enjoy taking pictures with but need to get a bit more experience with manipulating them
  • Computers
    • It started out as a hobby, now its my business but I enjoy it so much I still count it as a hobby
  • Web Design
    • This has gone hot and cold, though currently it is hot again as I got a new copy of Front Page 2003 and in learning how to use it I now am enjoying it a lot. 
  • Music
    • This has been a hobby since I was in Grade School, playing trombone, then moving to Baritone, then to Tuba in High School.  Then in college I got the opportunity to tour Europe with a Jazz Organization where I got to visit Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France.  After college music still remained a hobby with my learning (and building from scratch) banjo, dulcimer, and guitar at Old Town School of Folk Music.  Then in the late 70's I learned to play upright bass to play in a Bluegrass Band
  • Writing
    • This is a hobby that came along late in life (began in the late 80's).  In high school one of the English teachers though I had talent (she INSISTED I join the year book staff as a writer) but I did not do a very good job at it, never seeing myself as being much of a writer.  But as it turned out, all the difference was finding a subject that I enjoyed, and I DO enjoy D/s so most of my writing has had to do with this subject.  I find I enjoy writing short stories best, probably because I loose interest in what I am writing very quickly, or maybe I'm to impatient to write longer stories.

What I enjoy:

  • Bondage
    • I enjoy having a sub bound helpless for my pleasure.
  • Torture
    • Using a sub, making her respond and react for me, to make her beg me to stop and beg me to continue in the same breath.
  • Control
    • Having a sub do things for me, to do her best to please and serve me, to encourage her to do her best at all times and to give herself completely.
  • Serving
    • I enjoy sitting back and watching a sub as she does things for me, as she works to serve and attends to my needs.
  • Spanking
    • I enjoy having a sub laying across my lap, my hands moving over her bottom, squeezing, and caressing between swats and smacks.
  • Flogging
    • I love handling a flogger as it caresses and snakes across a sub's back and buttocks, making her gasp with each kiss and caress.
  • Intensity
    • I enjoy intensity, taking a sub as far as she feels she can go, then take her a little bit farther, making her know she is to be used for ME and my enjoyment, to be taken and used, more and More and MORE till her tears and emotions flow forth for ME.
  • Watching
    • seeing a sub kneeling for me, seeing her moving for me, watching her in my presence, letting her know how much I enjoy her vision, her breathing, her trembling, her spasms and smiles as she moves around the room for ME.

And many, Many, MANY other things (that are best gone over in private).